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Los juegos y las favelas

Interesante reflexión la de Rodrigo de Almeida (OpenDemocracy) sobre el delicado momento que atraviesa la sociedad carioca hoy: entre el orgullo de los juegos panamericanos y la desazón de las luchas narcos en las favelas.

This moment is a political crossroad for both Sérgio Cabral and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. The investments announced are very important. For instance, the project to urbanise favelas, if carried through, could lead to the creation of a peaceful new landscape in Complexo do Alemão. That would be a good beginning – but only a beginning. The state will still need to do much more: to become, as it were, the “owner” (in the sense of the custodian for the people) of the territory. The state, that is, needs to perform its core duties inside and around the favelas. At present there are great obstacles in its way, starting with a basic deficiency of policemen (only 1,350 policemen cover the territory of Complexo do Alemão). The result is that traffickers replace the state in some fields, even offering services (such as sports, culture, and leisure) that can offer some hope and positive meaning to life. Thus they catch the support of the people who live in the favelas.

No es más que recuperar estatidad, en los territorios o “zonas marrones” que detallara O’Donnell.

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